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Uploaded: 12/1/07

Sent/Uploaded: 12/1/07

Subject: Hoping for a Tumor-free 2008



I wasn't even sure I'd make an e-mail out of this.  Things are going pretty well, and where's the comedy if there is no threat of impending doom?


My tear duct bypass appears to have been a roaring success.  I have not been on antibiotics since the operation.  That would be the longest stretch since I started chemo in the spring of '05.  I'm feeling stronger.


Time to move on.  I spoke to the head of the survivor's clinic at Wicked Famous again.  Unfortunately, although she thinks my idea of primary care for survivors is great, there isn't money available create the kind of position I want.  Oh, well.  This is a long term project and I can't expect it to happen overnight.


Meanwhile, I sat down with one of my favorite mentors, the Chief of Medicine at Hippie General, and he'll work on finding me a part-time position so I can ease back into seeing patients.  I feel no need to dive in head-first like last time.  (I think the stress from the infectious diseases fellowship may have contributed to my stroke.  It was fun the first time, but no need to repeat the experience.)


I have also spoken to a researcher at the School of Public Health who is interested in cancer survivors.  She is helping me with a project to get funding for my long-term plan.

In addition, a friend who is a professional writer is getting me an agent to help publish Tumoriffic! the book.  Expect the movie (starring Matt Damon, People's sexiest man alive, as me), video game, and action figures soon.


K continues her immigration law work, and LLC, now four, continues to delight us and sow chaos in the world.  The cat presides over it all.  We are hoping for a tumor-free and surgery-free 2008.

Happy Holidays,



That's it for now.  Not to give away the ending, but I'm alive (as of this upload date).


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