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Anouncement: On November 4, my cousin Nicola Clegg ran the New York Marathon in 3 hours, fifty-three minutes, and fifty seconds with 'Fred's Team' in support of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  With help from 200 friends and family members, she raised $8,750 for pediatric cancer research.  Fred's Team continues to raise funds towards their $4 million annual goal, so if you missed your opportunity before the marathon, fear not.  You can still



Prologue: A Long Time Ago. . .

Part I: Warning Shots

What could be more fun than a brain tumor? (June 13, 2004)

June 13-July 23, 2004


Part II: The One that Goes 'Kaboom'


Chapter 1: I Got a Feelin'

Chapter 2: The Drug War

Chapter 3: The First Cut is the Deepest

Chapter 4: Burn, Baby, Burn!

Chapter 5: The End is Near



Part III: More Sequels Than Police Academy


Chapter 1: It Never Ends

Chapter 2: Face Facts

Chapter 3: Always Something There to Remind Me



(For the up-to-date or short-of-attention span)


Some of My Favorite Websites:

The Cheerful Oncologist

Planet Cancer

Long Term Follow-up Guidelines for Survivors of Childhood, Adolescent, and Young Adult Cancer



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